Parameters and Assumptions

This reference guide summarizes the parameters and assumptions and describes the process used to prepare the projections of loan repayments.

Population: All loans approved by the Bank as of the end of the pertinent Quarter that have outstanding balances and/or undisbursed balances.

Disbursements: Disbursements Projections are provided by the Banks respective Country Offices.

Interest Rates: The interest rates used for the projections are the latest interest rates approved by the Bank.

Exchange Rates: Exchange rates are based on Reuter's rates at the end of the pertinent Quarter for Principal and Income repayments.

Amortization: Debt Service Projections assume first repayment date as stated in the Loan Contract.

Loans with Arrears Balances: Projections assume that arrears balances will be paid in the first due date of the next billing period of the loan.

Exclusions: HIPC debt relief is not reflected in these projections.